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  • Carnivale, Celebrate the End of the World

    Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

    "When I was a boy, the Carnivale would come to the territories every year. The bright fabrics, the wasters selling wares, the food and the celebration all was something I looked forward to but there were always rumors. Whispers about the cost and the bargain struck with the Carnivale barker to bring their joy to our settlement. Every year, two or three younglings left with the Carnivale, we always assumed it was because they sought a better life but now I am not so sure. I saw a piece of parchment the other day, announcing their return and I cannot say I am filled with the same joy I was all those years ago. I wonder why now, and why here. All I know is my rifle is clean, my children are at the homestead, and I won't be letting them go." -Ethan Krebbs Free territories homesteader.
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